About AGM Mobile Devices

Established in 2008 by a passionate team of innovators, AGM’s vision has always been to create handsets that wouldn’t just be communication devices, but also practical stylish assistants capable of being used in any circumstances. AGM mobile phones are built to withstand not only the toughest of environments, but also the everyday hazards users face including water, dust or accidental damage.

In 2011 AGM produced the world’s first rugged and waterproof smartphone based on the Android™ OS. Since then, AGM's ongoing investment in micro-innovations has delivered constant improvements to its range of devices, propelling AGM to the number one position in the Chinese rugged phone market. In 2019, AGM Mobile launched in Europe, offering its phones via agmmobile.co.uk.

All of our handsets are based on both the IP and MIL-STD outdoor standards, however, in the search for constant improvement we have also developed our own standard called OEPT (Outdoor Environments Performance Test). This approach means that AGM continues to offer our customers the very best in rugged smartphones. In 2020 AGM announced that it was constructing a new manufacturing plant in China and would be leveraging its long experience to develop and market a whole range of outdoor electrical products.